How to sponsor a workshop

  • Workshops usually range from 40-60 attendees, but can be higher or lower based on the capacity of the venue and the size of the chapter.

The minimum requirements for hosting a workshop are desk space, power outlets, and a stable internet connection.

Additionally, we encourage sponsors to provide food and drinks. Since codebar workshops typically take place immediately after work for many students and coaches, it is recommended that hosts provide some hot food, as attendees will not have another chance to eat dinner. In London, the typical spend for hot food is roughly £200-250 for one workshop; outside of central London it can be lower.

With food, please provide vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, and with drinks, please provide non-alcoholic drinks if you are planning on providing beer or wine. If you would like recommendations for food, please get in touch with your chapter organizers.

We also like to hold lightning talks at the start of each event. If your space has a larger conference room with a projector (preferably HDMI and/or with an adapter for Mac Thunderports) please let us know in advance and have it ready to go on the day of the workshop.

Finally, if your venue is not clearly visible from the street or the Google Places API incorrectly locates your office, please post signs to codebar for the attendees to more easily find the venue.

About codebar

codebar is a not-for-profit organisation that has been running weekly coding workshops since October 2013, with London as its first chapter. Since then we have expanded to running workshops in South London, West London, Brighton, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Birmingham, and Manchester and now have a community consisting of over 1600 members in our London chapter, 350 in Brighton and 130 in Cambridge.

We have coached over 1000 students, with new people attending our events every week and a waiting list of 30-50 students at our London events. This has grown our developer base rapidly in a short period of time but it has also substantially increased demand for space, coaches and resources. This in turn requires a substantial expansion in sponsorship investment so that we can not just run workshops across London smoothly, but also be able to provide help and support to our other chapters.

Workshops are currently held weekly in London and Brighton, and every forthright in Cambridge, Bournemouth and Birmingham. We are also trying to take codebar to more cities, in and out of the UK. If you are a sponsor interested in helping get codebar started in your city, we’d be delighted to talk to you about hosting and sponsoring regular events.

In addition to our weekly workshops, occasionally we hold one-day courses for existing and new students on more specialised topics (like HTTP Fundamentals, Git, Public Speaking etc.) as well as one-day coding events.

All of codebar’s events are run on a volunteer basis, with every subject expert and coach giving their time for free.

Despite the fact that our events are run on a volunteer basis, there are of course still costs associated with both the general running of codebar as well as our specific events.

Why should you sponsor?

As a sponsor of any of codebar’s events, you will be part of the vibrant community facilitating the growth of a diverse community. We have a strict yet simple code of conduct that includes more detailed information.

You will be helping to promote diversity within the tech sector and be part of an exciting community committed to narrowing the skills gap. Not only that, but you will also be contributing to the growth of much-needed technical skills giving a further boost to the post-recession economy.

Your sponsorship will enable more women, LGBTQ and people from under-represented minority groups to get started in development, or raise their skills to the next level. You will also have contact with developers of all levels at our workshops. Many of codebar’s students have found jobs as a direct result of the time they have invested to learn and develop their coding skills with us.

Whatever investment you choose, your logo will appear on the codebar website along with a link to your site. You are also welcome to give a 5 minute talk at the beginning of an evening workshop you host on a topic you think our students will find interesting and informative.

How can you sponsor?

There are different ways that you can help and support our vibrant and growing community. You can be a regular workshop supporter and offer your venue and food to a substantial amount of workshops taking place in your area or be a workshop supporter and help by taking care of one of our workshops every now and then.

We also welcome monetary sponsorship to help us cover other expenses. The best way to make a monetary contribution is to use our online donation portal.

Sponsorship Packages

For our special day-long events such as Mind the Code or 24 Pull Requests, we are always looking for new sponsors to get involved. The packages are as follows:


  • 10 minute slot at the beginning of the event
  • Your logo on our website
  • Your logo on a banner during the event


  • 5 minute slot at the beginning of the event
  • Your logo on our website


  • Your logo on our website

What your sponsorship money is being used for

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Continuous supply of coffee
  • Printed materials to help get the word out
  • Travel support to help students who live outside London get to the workshop
  • Stickers, t-shirts and other swag
  • After party refreshments

What do you get in return?

Whatever your investment, you can be proud knowing you are an active member of this flourishing sector, enabling people to find jobs, enhance their existing careers and substantially improve the quality of life of those people who are often discriminated against.

Depending on your level of sponsorship we will also list your logo and link on our website, thank you on Twitter, mention you in our monthly newsletter and you will be welcome to distribute your marketing collateral in our events.

We look forward to welcoming you to our evolving community!