Welcome! This one page document is a short introduction to the codebar brand. It is very much work in progress and is meant to give you a high level overview about the Dos and Donts of the codebar brand.


All of our assets can be downloaded from our assets GitHub repository.

Our logo, mark and wordmark comes in two colour ways. Additionally, our logo comes in vertical and horizontal versions.


codebar logo codebar logo restricted

Used in cases where a horizontal logo fits better, e.g. site headers, etc.

codebar logo horizontal version

The mark

Use the mark when you have to represent codebar and only have a small area to do so. The mark works best as a profile picture, avatar, icon, etc.

codebar mark in two colourways

Chapter logos

Additionally, each chapter has it’s own logo with the name of the city in it:

codebar Brighton logo



Font & typography

The wordmark is a modified version of codebar written in Gotham Light. You can download this font from the internet. If you need to edit any of our assets, please use this font by downloading it and including it in your font library.


  • We always write codebar with a lowercase c, as opposed to a capital C. This is true even if codebar is the first word in a sentence!

  • When we refer to codebar in writing we use the short verison - codebar - as opposed to the long version - - which we use in the logos.

  • The different codebar locations are called chapters. When we refer to a specific codebar chapter, we write codebar first and then the chapter name we are referring to.

codebar Codebar
codebar London London codebar
codebar South London South London codebar
codebar Brighton Brighton codebar
codebar Birmingham Birmingham codebar
codebar Bournemouth Bournemouth codebar
codebar Cambridge Cambridge codebar
codebar Manchester Manchester codebar