Our values

  • codebar is friendly and encouraging. The atmosphere should be one of co-operation and non-judgement. People should help each other out, peer-to-peer.

  • codebar is accessible. All codebar workshops are free.

  • codebar aims to help people learn from scratch. We want our students to understand why and how things work. We want to teach them the basics and encourage them to practise a language before jumping into frameworks. We are not here to configure a blog or a server, nor to support a project. We want to help students learn how to do this on their own.

  • codebar exists to help the students. Any giveaways or special offers are only made available to our students. We don’t act as a mailing list for our coaches to promote their services unless there is a direct impact in helping promote diversity in the tech industry or teach people programming for free.

  • codebar is open source. Everyone is welcome to help. All of our workshops are organised and run by volunteers. Our website and tutorials are open source. If you have some time we would really appreciate your help! If you can’t find any open issues that you can work on, send us an email to [email protected] we’ll be able to find something :)